Note: Currently we are not providing Job Support in India (GST Issues). only foreign students.

Online Training


In this modern world, there is no physical or cultural barrier to share knowledge and to train people from remote locations. Here at SS JOB SUPPORT, we provide a full-scale online IT training environment that can make you feel like actually sitting in a class.

Using virtual classrooms, our expert trainers interact with students, aspirants, freshers, and professionals to give them technical knowledge and information. During our online sessions, we make full use of theoretical notes, slideshows, presentations, and different other tools that can help us make you understand in a perfect way.

We use both voice and video options to explain technical concepts and to demonstrate how to apply them. Since we use the latest software for our online training classes, you get a clear voice and picture of our trainers at your side.

We are based in India while you can be from any part of the world including India, U.S.A, UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Our online IT training services are for all the aspirants or professionals who want to improve their technical skills to the master’s level.

8 Good Reasons to Choose SS JOB SUPPORT as Your Online Trainer
Expert Trainers
Virtual Classes
Both Long and Short Courses
Demo Classes
Flexible Schedules
Industry-specific Training
24/7 Support
Live and Recorded Sessions

What Makes SS JOB SUPPORT a Perfect Platform for Online Training?

Here at SS JOB SUPPORT, we have got a professional and highly talented team that has spent more than 10 years in the IT industry. We offer our esteemed services to all those freshers who want to become professionals. Moreover, we also train professionals to transform them into masters. SS JOB SUPPORT is the right choice for all those who can’t travel physically to remote places in order to get training. Through our virtual or online training classes, you can feel the environment of a physical class. We use the latest software tools to make our online training programs more professional and informative.

We have got a dedicated training faculty whose work is to mentor students, aspirants, freshers, and professionals so that they can have a great career in the IT and Software field. We provide all the required and relevant materials to each of our trainees with on-hand exercises for all the topics we teach.

Our Current Training Technologies Include:

AngularJS Online Training

Java Online Training

Hadoop Online Training

AWS Online Training

Python Online Training

ReactJS Online Training

Drupal 8 Online Training

NodeJS Online Training

DevOps Online Training

Selenium Online Job Support

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